“A N D” Self Track Review by Motoko “Motifour” Kida

tricot 2nd Full Album “A N D”
Self Track Review by Motoko “Motifour” Kida  *日本語はこちら


<1. Noradrenaline >
A very simple song that was composed by the backslash against the fact we have been composing the complex songs. The drum intro is a key point.


<2, Hashire>
Vocal chorus in the chorus of the song was done from the image of audience. I played a playful guitar phrase with a feeling of the weakness.


<3. E>
Challenged a new playing style. I like the chords in the outro of the song.


<4. Colorless Aquarium>
The essence of the song is the interaction of each rhythm of guitar, bass and drums. The rhythm of the guitar is slightly different from the other instruments.


<5. Kobe Number>
I struggled on the composition of the chords. It’s a mysterious song in which only chords are changing while melody and rhythm are not changing.


<6. Kieru>
We made this song with the chords that I wanted to use before we had formed tricot. This is the oldest song in this album. We have been playing it since our first show.


<7. Pieeen A N D ver.>
We asked H ZETT M to add the piano on the existing track. It was hard for me to choose only one take because he played many styles and all of them sounded really great. I kind of wish if you could listen to them all.


<8. Shoku-taku>
We composed this song starting from the bass riff. Tender arpeggio. The drum phrases are from the mix of what Ikkyu came up with and what I made by playing the actual drums.


<9. Niwa>
We made this song while imagining that we dance a samba with you all at our show. We recorded a samba part in the middle of the song with some percussion in the mood of the carnival.


<10. CBG>
We recorded its track when Kazutaka Komaki was in the band. I recorded a several fuzz guitar sounds in one part.


<11. QFF>
This phrase was originally a little bit faster, but we wanted to include a slow-tempo song in the album. So we tried to compose it playing slower. The chords are changing polyrhythmically.


<12. Break>
A song we composed with three of us after the drummer left the band. I composed this song mainly from the chords because I like them.